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West the Pyrador
South Padre Island, Texas
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Where the darkness lies, the city follows.

McAllen, Texas

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Sharyland Rattlers Football Wallpaper
In a world blinded by power, he is still the king of kings.
Words can’t express how I feel about this guy right here. I have been taking care of him for 7 years now. I’ve just grown so much with him through the years. He has been the second oldest of the first litter of my late precious bichon frise ‘Fifi’, she died trying to give birth on the third litter but didn’t end up pulling through 😢 I was so heartbroken because I never felt something so close to me just end right in front of me. If you love dogs, you know this feeling. Her second litter we had to give her two puppies away, Ziggy and Lia. I still remember the names still today even though it was 4 years. I experienced all his dog siblings deaths, from Lulu the youngest girl, to the eldest Otto, and the only puppy out of her second litter, Marty. Marty passed away recently on September 7, 2013. For some reason I’m still trying to get over his death. It just happened so quickly 😥…. BB has been the only one who has survived through all of this. He is my best friend, and has helped me through a lot. I love him, and it’s gonna be so hard watching him pass… But for now I’m enjoying every second with him.
11/22/2013 Sharyland Rattlers travel to Boggus Stadium Friday to kickoff what is probably the most talked about games in the state of Texas, to face off against the Harlingen Cardinals. 10,000 + fans are expected to pack Boggus Stadium for a rematch between “the  best” football programs in the Rio Grande Valley. Being ready is real, come Friday, the King of the 956 will be crowned. 
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